Metal Decor Studios Top Selling Metal Home Wall Decor Products

15 wide 18 tall custom Team Stags Logo with hangers.
30 inches long by 25 inches tall.  Patina finish with high gloss clear coat.
DRL Custom logo design. 36 wide 31 tall.
30 inch elk shoulder ups with ground steak backer. original finish on both sides with a texture black center.
Tattered Flag 60x32 original finish with high gloss clear. $660.00   Lake Delton Badge 14x16 black copper and blue fire...
Momma Bear 36x24 unfinished with no mounting holes.
36x36 inch custom design with 4 centered mounting holes.  Texture black powder coat.
37x22 Custom Worple Cabin Sign. Texture Matte Black Finish.
24 wide 15 tall.   Custom Memorial for Maggie. Patina copper and blue fire finish with hand painted to match...
38 inch white cedar backing with Metal perimeter. Rustic wood with powder coat edge to match sign.
24 inch custom sign with color matched powdercoat.
Custom design 36 wide by 27 tall. Patina and full color finish with high gloss clear.
Custom moose fly fishing scene 3-d. jumping trout.   Original patina finish with high gloss clear.
27 inches tall 26 inches wide. Full Strut Tom and whitetail skull. Patina finish with high gloss clear, and green/silver...
50 inch flag with Marine Corps logo. $550.00 MSGT Rank 3-D with color matched hardware $75.00 Bottom Plate with lettering...
12 of duck 2 from the mallard set. Original finish.
18x14 with patina finish and high gloss clear coat.
82 inches x 48 inch american bowhunter with hanging hooks on bottom.
29 inches high 23 inches wide. High detail whitetail and turkey sign with patina finish, green accents, and high gloss...
48 inch Wedding monogram custom design with white powder coat finish.
Custom Farm Scene Total Space 180inches wide 42.5 inches tall. 4 main sections with clouds and eagle as separate pieces...
Custom cross 24 inches 20 inches wide black powdercoat back with patina full color front $175.00 rebar bracket with foot...
24 inches wide 18 inches tall. Multi layers with powder coat to match logo. hidden keyhole mounting holes. Color matched...
Custom NWTF/Timber Ridge metal and wood sign.
Custom Lettering 80 wide 20 tall with powder coat black finish.  Made in two pieces.
3 Piece custom driveway sign.   Lettering 96x18 inches Left and right grouse 18.5x21 All signs with welded mounting brackets...
c21 Logo 36 inches tall to proportionate 121% 36 inches long. Texture Black Powder Coat   Cut Space nested 36x28...
Custom sign built to match Log End.  40.9 inches wide by 44.2 inches tall.   Texture Black Powdercoat with mounting...
Custom Tall boy monogram. Patina finish to match original with high gloss clear.  Shipped no later than Friday the 21st. ...
18 letters 10 inches tall by proportionate width Powdercoat Color TBD. 2 foot Trout.
Custom grouse and woodcock circle with custom text.  Patina finish and high gloss clear. Game bird set with patina finish...
Custom sign 36x27 with patina finish and high gloss clear
Custom for Rustic Whitetails. Welcome whitetails x2 sign 48x32 with custom lettering. original finish. Buck and Doe Mountain scene xL...
Barb Wire Fall buck cut from 3/8 unfinished.
Custom script 36x10 with patina finish and matte clear.
25x12 custom Pennant with laser edge painted logo. 10.5 inch angle iron powder coated Bronze.
Jumping Trout 30 tall by 28 wide. patina finish to match the original.
48 inches wide by 25 inches tall. Two layered flag with high gloss finish and matte black bear.
Custom sized Full Sturt with circle perimeter and welded mounting tabs. $150.00 Double Sided Finish Extra $50.00
Grouse 14 high 13 wide Woodcock 11 tall 9 wade   Patina finish with high gloss clear.
42x24 flag with Custom Lineman add on
36 tall 24 wide custom Tall Boy with textured black powdercoat.
2 loons 18x11 each left and right facing. Black and patina finish.
28 inches tall 23 inches wide.  Whitetail scene within a scene. Patina finish with high gloss clear
30 inches wide 22 inches tall. High detail mallard duck scene with cattails, lake scene, and sunset. Patina finish with...
29 tall 26 wide custom Wisconsin Pheasants Forever. Patina and red accent finish with high gloss clear coat.
19 inches tall 16 inches wide.  High detail mallard duck design with patina finish, green accent, and high gloss clear....
47 inches wide 10.5 inches tall.  Handsaw buck fight design with patina copper and blue fire finish. High gloss clear...