Metal Décor Studios is a Wisconsin based, Veteran owned and operated manufacturer of the highest quality metal wall art in the country. We are passionate about supplying unique pieces that will be a treasure to you for years to come. Metal wall décor that is made with artistic flare and expression that makes us the best choice for themed artwork in many categories. Please browse and enjoy and let us proudly serve your needs.

Our products are made from heavy 12 gauge steel. This is 72% heavier than products made from 16 gauge steel found in most competitive products. Compare before you buy!!!!!!!

“I ordered two flags with two Soldiers on them both as gifts for my brothers who is finally coming home from the army. I love the great quality of these products and love how he(Cole) took the time engrave both my brothers rank and last name. Most of all he got them done fast and shipped out just in time when I needed the gifts. Thank you so much. I’m so happy to had found your page roaming Facebook.”


Krystle Iverson

“Exceptional work on a beautiful piece of art that was custom made for a disabled Navy SEAL. Absolutely stunning. Great to work with and kept me informed every step of the way. Highly recommend working with Cole!!!!!”

Krystle Iverson

“Thank you Cole Patrick Hartl for you creativity on this amazing piece, I have been wanting a American flag since the first one you made, now I have one and it is personalized. Pictures and words do NOT do justice to this artwork. Thanks again…”

Ryan Oates

“These are such awesome pieces. Love them. Cole does amazing work”

Gail Jochimsen

“Cole does some of the most amazing work. He has done several projects for our family and we have enjoyed them all! He’s a pro, yet listens to his customers ideas and creates a design to fit the customers needs. Thank you for your artistry and design.”

Oralee Dittrich

Amanda Brunnette

I ordered from them for Christmas and it was very fast shipping got it in 4 days and it was gorgeous. Absolutely would recommend them. Plus won a raffle on Christmas Day. So I got 2 beautiful works or art !!!

Rachel Markow

Cole was able to design a special order for a birthday present for me and had it ready to go days before I needed it, and this baby was HUGE. He was super easy to work with. I will recommend him to anyone!

Judy Phelps

It is unbelievable!!!! The logo for my ladies club was made into this 2 layered piece. The colors are so amazing and match all the reds, copper and purples we designed into it. My husband had it made for me for Christmas!!!! Perfect!!!

Pleasant View Fire Department

Great getting pictures back from customers. We are extra proud to produce pieces for all the heroes in public service!!! Cole


Zach Armstrong

Designed this custom piece with Cole for my Grandfather. That smile pretty much says it all!!!!

Tom Ames

I first saw this about 2 weeks ago. I called to ask about a custom order for friends for a wedding gift. I placed the order Friday, Monday was Labor Day and I got the piece Thursday. I expected it to be nice, but it was stunning. The work and the service exceeded every expectation. You can order from here with confidence.

Joe Thompson

I just received a Tattered Flag from Metal Decor Studios – it is absolutely stunning – the web site photos do not do justice to the piece – you have to hold it in your hands to understand its quality and beauty. My father was a WWII veteran (P-51 Mustang pilot), and were he still with us I would get one of these flags for him as well. Thank you Cole for your service, for your craft and for your excellence in art and execution – I WILL be a repeat customer and will connect you with new customers as well – thank you again.  

Mason N

“I found out about Metal Decor Studios via social media and when I looked into what Cole had to offer I was hooked. I purchased the American flag with the buck skull first. That piece was beautiful with the buck skull being magnetic you can move it to different positions (what a great option). Cole also has done a couple of custom pieces for myself and a few friends in honor of a great friend that left us way to early. If you are looking for quality, unique or a custom piece look no further, Cole is your man.Quick to respond to any questions you may have. Honest, trustworthy, and an American Veteran. Thank you for the great work. “

Mason N.

Billy Collies

Anyone looking for some kick ass metal artwork contact these people in Northern Wisconsin!
This is the custom saw blade they did for my father and it’s incredible!